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Weekly Rant series: The Dark Knight Rises

Posted on July 23, 2012 by Abhinav Kumar in blog

The problem with batman these days is that every lame ass is trying to see it and understand it just because it is considered cool if we watch Nolan’s batman. Nolan did a clever trick in The Dark Knight by making a silly caped super hero movie into something slightly much deeper, the critics liked it and the common audience who grows up on ADD-infested action movies joined the bandwagon just as to prove that they too can think and like intelligent cinema.

For many ‘Dark Knight’ is not such a good movie but they say otherwise beacuse it is considered ‘cool’ if you say you understand some deep psychologhical movie and shit; this is especially true among the yuppie youth in India.

So, Nolan directed The Dark Knight Rises with the same darkness and brooding with which he directed its predecessor, now we have these yuppie youth and lame ass blog reviewers who only get to watch shiny happy movies from Hollywood (viz Transformers, Avatar, Avengers), are now being made to watch a dark, brooding, emotinally draining movie masquerading as a comic book super hero movie, and then they go ‘humey utna accha nahin laga, bohot dukh bari dastan hai’ WTF man!

I see silly college girls, and weekend date janta crowding up the movie theatres as if it is another popcorn flick, but no, it’s not and do not expect it to be. Is mein bohat sey log martey hai, it is no gana bajana.

And no! New York is not always sunny as in Karan Johar productions, it is dark and soot filled as Gotham city.

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