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A for ___, ... G for Google ...

Posted on August 14, 2015 by Abhinav Kumar in blog

In one of the most important tech news in this decade, Google restructured itself into a conglomerate. The name is Alphabet. If you are getting the news from this article, I won’t blame you for thinking that it’s kind of a big joke from Page and Brin. I was pillow surfing when the story popped up into my HN feed and it was hard to believe. A lot of redditors admitted to checking the date after reading the news as if it was another April Fools joke.

But let’s not kid ourselves here. Google does outrageous things. They simply do. Like:

They killed Wave. They made Google+ mandatory.

They are the only corporation who are very consistent with delivering easter eggs in their products. Even their Alphabet announcement has a hidden link to hooli.XYZ (A evil corporation parodying Google in the Mr Robot TV series). Microsoft also used to do that but I think their enterprise customers don’t like those fun parts of the software.

Who can forget the flight simulator game in Excel 97?

They launched Gmail on April 1, 2004.

Quoting an internet person: “One day we will realize that Gmail was indeed an April Fool’s joke and none of the mails were actually sent to the recipient”.

And the best thing is that the page for the new corporation is abc.xyz. Not .com, not even the hip .io, but .xyz. I think that this move will single-handedly play a big role in ending for dominance of over-crowded and saturated .com gTLD. (It’s another matter that I did not get .com domain for my own name. ;)

Namecheap is running a limited-time promotion of .xyz domains at $1. itsmy.xyz is mine ours now.

Lastly I wonder, what would they do with Capital and Calico. They both start with C.