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Posted on January 08, 2017 by Abhinav Kumar in stories

I opened up my eyes. It was still dark to see anything. I shoved my head back into what seemed like a pile of pillows to shut out the world.

“A few minutes more!” I said to myself.

I tried to get back to my dream but I had already forgotten about it. Even if I couldn’t fall back to sleep I wasn’t ready to get up yet. Instead I began to reminisce about the rare but wonderful moments we had together. Just yesterday, standing beside my hospital bed, she had opened up her heart for the very first time. Love was indeed blossoming between us after three months of arranged marriage.

Though I don’t think if she was aware of my consciousness. I really wish she had told me all that before the day of the accident. At least that would have prevented me from going out for a drive in a rage.

Minutes went past by in real life. Hours in my dream land.

Finally it was time. It’d become too late to hit snooze one more time. I tried to push the lid up but it wouldn’t give way. Something was in the way of me and the world.

“Aisha!” I cried for help. But no one answered.

“Ammi! Ammi!” My instincts made me call out to my mother in desperation. And silence greeted me once again.

I didn’t know that they would have forgotten about me so soon. Did they bury my casket so far away from themselves? Just yesterday, they were crying their hearts out for me on my funeral.